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Hi peeps! :)

This past weekend my family and some of our close friends went on a trip together. We wanted to get away from the city for a little and get some rest. We actually went to Romania which is not too far from here because we live pretty close to the border, it was like a 4-5 hour long drive by car. So one of our friends, my sister, my sister’s boyfriend and I went a day earlier, on Saturday because we wanted to spend the night there. We brought a trailer with us and stopped at a huge huge huge beautiful meadow.
The thing is that this part of Romania used to belong to Hungary before World War I but then after the Peace Treaty of Trianon it became part of Romania. Which is very sad because these are beautiful places. They kept this lifestyle where they still live from agricultural works solely, so you can still see shepherds on the meadows with their herds out and they live from selling milk and cheese and stuff. To me it was very astonishing to see that this still works, it was kinda like going back in time and see how things worked like decades ago. So as I’ve said this part used to belong to Hungary and so we hoped that there would be no problem with the language but we were wrong. We tried to talk to 2 men and a woman but none of them spoke Hungarian, and they didn’t speak English either, neither did they know German or French, and with that we ran out of languages we spoke so we had to use the good old activity method. But it worked eventually. We just wanted some milk and we got it, what’s more we got it for free, although the guy wanted me and my sister to kiss him on the cheeks but we  were like noooo that’s not happening and the boys ‘protected’ us. :D Anyways, it was very nice and peaceful and beautiful there. We just chilled that day and went for shorter walks. :)

Then in the evening we sat down outside to watch the Sun setting and OMG guuuuyss it was so beautiful. We tried to take some photos but they don’t give it back so nicely.


At around midnight one of the boys was like ‘omg guys you need to see this, come outside’. Needless to say my sister and I were like ‘whyyyyy?? we want to sleep..’ But either ways we went outside and omg it was so so so so worth it. Since this was just a huge huge meadow without city lights or any lights at all it was pitch black. Except from the stars. Guys i cant even describe how beautiful and breath-taking it looked. Never ever have I seen anything like this in my entire life. Like you know how you can just sit down in your garden at home and see idk like a thousand stars on the sky but because of all the lights you cant really see that much. Now imagine a sky full of stars. I kid you not, full of them. Imagine if there was only like 5 inhes between each and every star on the sky. That’s how crammed the sky was. It was soooo clear you could even see the Milky Way easily. It was unbelievable. I wish I could have taken photos of it, but of course you couldn’t see anything because it was so dark. We were standing outside for like an hour just enjoying the beautiful view.

Then in the morning the rest of the group arrived and we went hiking. It was a 16-km-long hike which is about 10 miles. We first went to some rocks on top of the mountain to see how it all looked from above. That was also beautiful and peaceful. We were just sitting there, there was no one else up there other than us so it was very nice and calm and quiet. It was perfect.

Then we went to visit a small lake which is called Black Lake. So we were walking down by it and my sister’s boyfriend was like ‘Why is it called Black Lake?’ so I was like ‘Because it’s black, duuuuhh’. Then he goes like ‘yeah but why is it black?’ and so someone answered ‘because it’s called Black Lake’.. Yep, this is us! :D
But anyways it was a nice little lake.


After that we went to a cave called the Eskimo’s cave and I actually have a valid reason why it is called like that. It’s because it’s icey even in the summer. So currently it’s around 35°C outside which is about 95°F so it’s pretty warm and yet there is ice in there and it’s below 0°C which is 32°F. So yeah it was really cold but fun. It kinda looked like the cave from the Pirates of the Caribbean. :D

Then we went back to where we left the cars, chilled a little more and packed up and we came home. So yeah, it was a very short outing but it was nice to kinda just get away from civilisation. We don’t get to do that too often.

I hope you guys liked this post, even though it’s not like beauty or fashion related, but as I’ve said before i don’t want to stop writing these life-related posts.
So yeah, I think there will be a beauty-related post coming at the weekend, because this week is really busy for me so I won’t have time to upload anything before Saturday, that’s for sure.
I love you guys loads. <3
Netti xoxo

Weekend outing with the Fam Hi peeps! :) This past weekend my family and some of our close friends went on a trip together.
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